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Trees of Lake Como Mural

In Lake Como, there is timeless beauty of the natural world with that of the Italian architecture, the inspiration for a luxurious life of beauty.

''When It comes to design, nobody does it like the Italians...This isn’t to say that the design there is of a single shared aesthetic — though one could certainly argue, as I would, that the Italians have an especial genius for palimpsest decorating, layering multiple eras’ influences atop one another with a confident, even casual élan.'' - Hanya Yanagihara (The New York Times Style Magazine, Sept. 30, 2022)

This statement truly resonates with the way I create my artwork bringing a world of dreams beyond photography whereby a layering of images together with that of colour creates a world of fantasy where our humanity lives in harmony with that of the natural world.

This unique collection is now available and custom printed on non-woven mat stucco effect wallpaper suitable for residential and commercial projects. For further information, I invite you to contact my representatives in New York and Amsterdam.

New York Representative: Christopher Kohler +1 917 719 1836

Europe Representative: 📧 Vivianne Laude

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