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Voices of Menaggio - Part 1

Every time I come to Lake Como, I meet someone special who leaves a deep imprint in my heart. This was the case with Marina who I had the pleasure of meeting the first year I showcased my art at Villa Carlotta. Marina is not only a novelist but also a profound human being with a generous heart. I tend to be attracted to people of the heart for I strongly believe that creativity is ignited in the heart. I realize that listening to my intuitive "heart" voice has been the most important part of my journey.

This past month, I met Anna from Milano who is also a profound human being of the heart. I had the pleasure of spending time with Anna as she is staying at Hotel du Lac in Menaggio. She is a widow with fond memories of her life with her late husband. A few nights ago, I brought Anna to the Grand Hotel Victoria for a nightcap and to listen to the music that we both enjoy. With nostalgia, I saw her face becoming luminous as if she had come back to life. At that moment, I felt that my meeting Anna was no coincidence for she has the same energy as that of my late mother who enjoyed life to the fullest.

In my artistic journey, I truly believe that listening to the heart of human nature and the natural world brings meaning to the creative process, of life itself! ''It is not the language of painters, but the language of nature which one should listen to...'' - Vincent Van Gogh

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