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Voices of Menaggio - Part 3

After spending one month in Menaggio, I got acquainted with some of the local people, whom I saw practically every day. During my stay, I also realized why I love it so much here in Lake Como. I'm genuinely in love with Lario! In the old days, the lake was called “Lario”, which means “deep place”. Lake Como is the deepest and the most profound lake in Italy as well as in Europe. It's not only about its natural setting, which I never get tired of looking at, but it's also about the lifestyle. From the voices of the natural world to the voices of human nature, I enjoy sharing the stories, dreams and aspirations that we all have in our life's journey.

While doing my food shopping, I usually stop at the nice little wine shop, La Bottega Del Vino, on my way back to the apartment to buy the local wine of the Lake. The owner of the wine shop is Deborah whose life story fascinated me, especially as a woman. Just like the art world, the wine industry is mainly a man's world. When I asked Deborah what is her most cherished dream, she responded in a very decisive manner that she wanted to be the best sommelier in Italy. She then explained that on many occasions, when her husband or her father was at the shop with her, customers usually asked them for advice on wine, thinking that they were the owner of the wine shop instead of Deborah because she's a woman. Despite the fact that she was at the top of her class and that 80% of her classmates were male, she still had to maintain her reputation as an excellent sommelier and is now recognized as such. Deborah is an amazing young woman whose spirit is undeniably from a deep place, the inspiration of Lario!

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