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A Tale of Ageless-Timeless Art

Timelessness or beyond time is what makes art so precious, especially the masterpieces created a long time ago, that we are still admiring with inspiration. Unlike art, as humans our time is limited and in today's society, youth is a valuable asset while age is becoming a limiting factor. Unfortunately, aging is devalued and the elderly are stigmatized in numerous ways hence the prevailing fear that most people have about getting older.

As an artist, I have the privilege of timelessness when I am in creative mode. Creating art allows me to express my most innate yearnings for beauty, harmony and love which bring meaning to my life while others lead meaningful lives busy doing what they are most passionate about As the saying goes: “Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many.” Living with love and passion is a work of art in itself for it is not only about being an inspired artist but one who inspires others.

I am very excited to share this love and passion of my life as I am participating, for a second time, in the Flux Exhibition 2023 in London. I invite you to come to the Flux Exhibition, a ground-breaking art event – a collection of the most dynamic painters, sculptors and performance artists which represents an alternative way to encounter today’s best new art. FLUX has established itself as the platform for contemporary artists to be discovered and to be part of an exceptional, unconventional art event. Held at the new Design District Greenwich Peninsula, London and curated by Lisa Gray, the founder of Flux. I am participating in this much-anticipated edition of Flux which brings 50 artists to the fore.

Jasmine Joy

Blues River Banks

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