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L'Amour Toujours L'Amour - Design for Love

Updated: Feb 16

Do you remember your first love when your passion was ignited and your heart was on fire?

To fall in love is magical and no matter how old we are, we always remember where we were when the magic happened. I remember exactly when I fell in love, and the enchanting surroundings where I found myself in total bliss. A romantic setting is very important when falling in love or to rekindle an enduring love which can be created with a special inspiration that invokes passion.

I invite you to celebrate love and to explore our exclusive art murals and, unlike regular scenic wallpapers, Marlene Luce Art Murals are textured, inspired from the natural world and designed as a work of art on your wall. Passionate Bloom Art Mural is a fusion of blooming flower images infused with hues of passionate red, bringing romantic vibrancy with an Asian touch.

Passionate Bloom Art Mural

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