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World Art Dubai 2023

World Art Dubai (9-12 March) returns for its ninth edition with more than 4000 artworks from 300+ renowned galleries and solo artists, hailing from 60+ countries around the world. I am very excited to be part of Tablinum Cultural Management showcasing my artwork together with a group of talented artists from Italy, France, Mexico, and South Africa. As a citizen of the world and a former United Nations staff member in New York, I feel at home showcasing with artists from all over the world - this is an exciting experience and I am delighted that some of my colleagues from the UN will be visiting our stand during the international fair.

Tablinum brings a new era of cultural management into a cultural world requiring innovative strategies in the cultural field. Please come to visit Stand BA04 where Tablinum Cultural Management features my artwork entitled ''View of Lake Como'' and described as ''the transition of the artist Marlene Luce Tremblay to painting; an artistic technique that is placed between fine art photography and oil painting. In this splendid artwork, we can see the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and a glimpse of Lake Como.''

View of Lake Como: ''Marlene Luce developed a technique consisting of tinted images transferred on canvas and painted over in oil paint. This process referred to as ''Pintography'' combines the timelessness and classicism of photography with a modern medium, to create images that ask us to review our existing views of the world and to challenge the current boundaries between the artistic categories of photography and painting. ''

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